ADDitions & Volunteers

We are always looking for interested parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who can provide a few hours of community service to our students. There are many opportunities to peak your interest. You might want to join us in the media center helping our students chose their next favorite author. Perhaps your skills in a foreign language can help a student looking to communicate with someone in their native language. We are always looking for professionals to spend the day with us!

Log on to to get started on a rewarding volunteer experience.

Pershing loves volunteers!

The Orange County School Board requires all volunteers to fill out an application each school year to ensure the safety of our children. The volunteer program is called ADDitions, because that's what we do - we add to the overall learning environment and in the process we learn a thing or two. These applications are required for anyone who will be working with the kids, even if it is just for one field trip.

All forms MUST be filled out online. You are more than welcome to come into the school to fill out the form.

This year we are adding a new security measure. Once you are approved you may be asked to have a photo ID badge made if you will be on campus regularly. Remember that anyone on campus needs to sign in at the front office. Thank you for your cooperation in making a difference in the lives of our children.