Extracurricular Activities

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Pershing School Clubs

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Elementary Chorus Grades 3rd-5th (Mr. Woloshin, Semester 2)
MS Art Club Grades 6th-8th (Mrs. M. Moore)
ES Art Club  Grades 4th-5th (Ms. Barr)
Chess Club Grades 3rd-8th (Ms. Molina)
Student Council 6th-8th (Mrs. Burgos)
MS Battle of the Books Grades 6th-8th (Mrs. Horning)
ES Battle of the Books Grades 3rd-5th (Mrs. Horning)
Science Olympiad 6th-8th (Mrs. Febres)
Stock Market Club Grades 6th-8th (Mr. Fischer)
National Elementary Honor Society (Ms. Hall/Mrs. Spears)
National Junior Honor Society 6th-8th (Mrs. Febres/Mrs. Vincent)
Yearbook Club Grades 6th-8th (Mrs. Horning)

 *Transportation to/from clubs is the parent’s responsibility.

Pershing School Athletics

Soccer (Grades 6-8)
Volleyball (Grades 6-8)
Basketball (Grades 6-8)
Track (Grades 6-8)