K-5 Snack Policy

Pershing School K-5 Snack Policy

Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack each day.  If parents choose to send their student with a snack, the snack must be one that can be consumed within 5 minutes

  1. Snacks are limited to the following:  dry foods that will not stick or stain
  2. Students are welcome to bring a water bottle.  (Please do not send beverages other than water)
  3. Make sure that your child's SMALL healthy snack is easy to eat in the classroom.
  4. Pack your child's snack separately from their lunch.  The school does not provide snacks and children cannot visit the cafeteria for snack time.   
  5. DO NOT send in nut products as there may be students in the class with nut allergies.  Please read your snack labels and DO NOT send in snacks that state: "Manufactured in a factory containing nut products."
  6. This snack is a working snack.  Your child will have snack while they complete assignments.  Please do not send in any item that will take longer than 5 minutes to finish.
  7. Snack labels will not be read by school personnel.  This will be the responsibility of the adult sending the snack to school.   

Reviewed: July 2023